Glory 58 Chicago

It’s been a wild week with the crew at Glory Kickboxing. Starting fight week off in Germany, I made my way out to the Windy City to get in some more work with my mentor and Glory’s Chief Photographer, James Law. Along the way, I was informed that I wouldn’t be allowed back in to the EU for 3 months, so had to call a few audibles on the fly and head home to Seattle after the show. Oh, and I forgot my computer on the plane, and it’s still MIA. So that sucks. But all in all, It was all worth it in the end. Onto fight week, It’s always a fantastic time working with such a good human being in James Law who pushes me to do some new and wild things behind the camera. Not to mention the rest of the ops staff that’s welcomed me into the fold. Grateful for the people who have entrusted me with getting the shots.

Here’s a few of my selects from my time in Chicago.