Seattle Majestics

This last Saturday I was able to join up with the Seattle Majestics for their 2017 season home opener at French Field in Kent, WA.  I knew this was going to be a blast simply cause it's Football, but I had no idea how wrapped up I would become in the energy and pure emotion coming off the sideline.  These ladies are in a class of their own.  The dedication they have to their teammates and passion for the game is what makes for some of the epic sports stories of we see in Hollywood today.  And that's not to mention the incredible hits, and big plays that one comes to expect from the gridiron.

This was the first time I shot football in a little over a year, so this game was more about shaking off that rust and getting back into the rhythm of things.  I can't wait to get back out there next week to see these athletes back in action!!!

Here's a few highlights from Seattle's, 24-21 win over a game Portland Fighting Shockwave on April 8th, 2017.

WSOFNYC, New Year's in the Big Apple

Here's the highlights from my trip weekend to NYC to shoot World Series of Fighting with Ryan Loco ( at the famed Madison Square Garden on New year's Eve.  I'm in your debt for all the support my friend!  It was a great time exploring and mostly getting lost in the Subway with my homie David Craig who worked as Ryan's Digital Tech.  I may have possibly fallen in love with the big apple!  

WSOF 33!!!

This latest adventure took me on the road to meet up with the man himself, Ryan Loco in Kansas City, MO for a stellar lineup of fights at the beautiful Municipal Auditorium for World Series of Fighting 33.  On a side note, that venue is a piece of history and anyone who has the opportunity visit the Auditorium, should do so. Below are a few of my favorite shots from the studio session, behind the scenes an a few highlights from cageside.   

I really can't thank enough for the constant support you've shown me, Ryan!

Much love Homie!!  


Seattle Sounders at Portland Timbers

What a great day for some MLS soccer in the PNW!  This was my first time out shooting soccer of any sort and I gotta say, I'm hooked!  Now talk about a rivalry every bit as intense as you can imagine from the Northwest powerhouses. From the rather small section the Sounders Supporters had, they sure didn't hold back and made their voices heard throughout the stadium.  In the end, the Sounders had a rough day of it. By the end of the first half they found them selves being shut down four to nada.  Though Seattle made a valiant effort with two scores in the second half, Portland held their lead to take this battle in the war that is, Seattle vs. Portland.

WSOF 32!!!

This last weekend I was invited by WSOF photographer Ryan Loco to come out and get weird at World of Series of Fighting 32!  Who could say no to that...  It was a great night filled with outstanding fights.   I gotta say though, on a personal note, getting to shoot with someone who's work has been an inspiration to me ever since I started on this journey, was a pretty surreal experience. Here's my favorite shots from World Series of Fighting 32!

Selects from Super Fight League 50

This last saturday night I found myself at the Fight Capital of the Northwest, The Emerald Queen Casino with Michale Renouard of to cover Super Fight League 50, America Team Challenge: Seattle vs. LA. Tasked with taking photo of the action, Mike did his thing bring the PNW the in-depth coverage of of the fights that he's known for.  Here's my favorite shots from another awesome night of action packed fights, and one former NFL Star and UW Husky Legend, Tony Parrish!!!

 Here's to another outstanding night of high quality MMA promoted by Brian Halquist Productions!  I already can't wait til the next Super Fight League card is announced for October!!

My Selects from the Adult brackets at the Revolution XXXI

What a great installment of the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tourniment in the Pacific Northwest. These are my favorite photos from the adult bracket of The Revolution XXXI!

The BJJ community wouldn't be the same without Jeff and Gina Bourgeois', Liberty Events and Promotions!  Learn more about the amazing things their doing for BJJ in the PNW at


Picks from Reign FC

Saturday night I spent the night at Reign FC on behalf of  And what a great night of fights it was!  Promoted by StrikeForce and UFC vet, Bristol Marunde, the match making was on point.  Top notch action from the first fight of the night from Amateur Tim Hatten with a 38 second KO, to the 3, 5min round battle that got the crowd on their feet, for both the antics and the skill on display between United Training Center's Rico Rough and Jake Blaski out of Cageworx MMA.  I'm already looking forward to the their next show at the Clearwater Casino on September 3rd.